BallastHalo 4 Recovered!

This afternoon I went back to the area where I heared the beacon of the BallastHalo 4 yesterday.

As the beacon was weak, I attached a 4 element Yagi to my Kenwood TH-F7 handheld. In that way I was able to determine from what direction the signal was coming.

I first went to a location about 700 meters to the north-northeast of my yeaterday location. After waiting for about 10 minutes I heard the beacon and pointed it at about 160-175 degrees.

I went to two more locations before I could triangulate a likely location for the BallastHalo 4. When I drove near to the calculated position I heared the beacon loud enough to be sure where I could find it.

As soon as possible I parked my car (position #4) and walked to the location where I saw the BallastHalo 4 hanging over the water. Luckely close enough to the shore so I could recover it savely.

You can view all locations in Google Earth.

Tomorrow I will make a short movie about it and post in on my YouTube Channel.

More information about the BallastHalo4 and related projects can be found on the website of James M6JCX.